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Thank you for making your game available on Linux.  To be able to get the game to even start I had to perform several steps and found several issues.  In case it matters I'm running 64 bit ArchLinux and is installed from the latest git release v24.2.0-canary.

First and foremost I had to manually unzip the 'Magic Slavery' file in the '~/config/itch/apps/magic-slavery' folder.

I then noticed that in 'start' the the first two variables are not correctly set for what the game expects, they were set to:


and it seems it should be set to:

GAME_NAME="Magic Slavery Demo"

Next I found that the parent of the directory that the log was supposed to be written to ('~/.local/share/VisionaireStudio/') didn't exist so I created it.  In order to auto create the directory I changed the line:


to this:

# If the log file or directory doesn't exist create it
if [ ! -e "$LOGFILE" ]; then
    if [ ! -e "$LOGDIR" ]; then
        mkdir -p "$LOGDIR"
    touch "$LOGFILE"

Next for some reason the application seems to want to load the file 'Magic Slavery' but that file doesn't exist from the 'Magic Slavery' archive, but there is a 'Magic Slavery Demo.vis' file.  After I renamed that file to 'Magic Slavery' the game finally ran.

Even with the game running it is failing to make the log file because it is trying to make a directory in the root of the file system instead of under $XDG_DATA_HOME (typically ~/.local/share), here are the message printed to the screen in particular:

16:05:36.107:Loading from /home/rnd42/.config/itch/apps/magic-slavery/config.ini
16:05:36.390:m_gamePath: /home/rnd42/.config/itch/apps/magic-slavery/Magic Slavery
16:05:36.392:Serialization finished. Needed time: 2 ms
16:05:36.392:Error creating directory /VisionaireStudio
16:05:36.392:cannot create directory (VisionaireStudio/Magic Slavery Demo/) for logfile
16:05:36.392:Engine Version: 4.2.5 (Build 1186 from Build date: Nov 16 2016)
16:05:36.392:Time needed for preloading game: 2 msec
16:05:36.392:No config.ini in /home/rnd42/.local/share/VisionaireStudio/Magic Slavery Demo//config.ini
16:05:36.393:Error creating directory /VisionaireStudio
16:05:36.393:cannot create directory (VisionaireStudio/Magic Slavery Demo/) for logfile

Also, the config.ini file in ~/.local/share does exist, not sure why the game doesn't see it.

Finally the config.ini in the '~./config/itch/apps/magic-slavery' directory shows the same bad filename issue addressed earlier:

FILE = "Magic Slavery Demo.vis"

The game runs but just out of caution I corrected it:

FILE = "Magic Slavery"

then it failed because it couldn't load the file 'Magic Slavery Demo.v' so it seems to be getting the file name from this config variable but chopping off the last character.  To address this I set the config.ini to:

FILE = "Magic Slavery Demo.vis "

and renamed 'Magic Slavery' back to it's original name 'Magic Slavery Demo.vis'

Sorry about the long post and thanks again!