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First of all I think there is huge interest in this kind of games, just look here

Also on YT there are tons of video made with Algodoo, a funny toll to play with, but I still prefer your game!

I can suggest some good things, some may be easy to add, others more difficult:

- custom marble 

- Free camera with mouse or keyboard movement (like Algodoo)

- Replay when the race is finished

- Editable marble stats (size, material, weight...)

- Championship mode with points

- Race with 3-5 laps (teleport to start when the marble runs to finish line) or longer tracks

- Track Editor

- More songs played randomly


- Youtube trailer

- New game mode with power ups like Mario Kart

- New game mode "elimination" every lap 2 marbles get eliminated

That's it for now, I'm very happy to see games like this! Keep it up!