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Thanks for the specs and FPS.  Do you know if there is any interest in such games? What would you like to see added or changed in this game?


First of all I think there is huge interest in this kind of games, just look here

Also on YT there are tons of video made with Algodoo, a funny toll to play with, but I still prefer your game!

I can suggest some good things, some may be easy to add, others more difficult:

- custom marble 

- Free camera with mouse or keyboard movement (like Algodoo)

- Replay when the race is finished

- Editable marble stats (size, material, weight...)

- Championship mode with points

- Race with 3-5 laps (teleport to start when the marble runs to finish line) or longer tracks

- Track Editor

- More songs played randomly


- Youtube trailer

- New game mode with power ups like Mario Kart

- New game mode "elimination" every lap 2 marbles get eliminated

That's it for now, I'm very happy to see games like this! Keep it up!