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Hi Owais!

Well thank you very much for your kind words! And happy to hear it's inspired you to start your own project. I hope it goes well!

In terms of an inspiration for the art style, I don't think there is any one singular inspiration behind it. Honestly, the main driver was that I had to come up with an economic art style that, as I was working full time when I made this so didn't have time for complex models and textures! It is the reason for most of the features: the colour scheme is consistent because all the models use the same texture image; the models are simple because I didn't have time to model complex geometries; the camera is zoomed out to hide my bad animations; the camera doesn't move meaning I only have to design one location ;) Quite a lot can be explained by that, I mean the ground is just a flat yellow plane!

So, to answer your question, there was no real influence that I can point to and say I tried to do something like that, which I guess is why some people think it looks unique. The only thing I can really say is that in any project there will be limitations and constraints, the trick is using them in such a way that people don't notice them as limited resources, but as  a "style".

Hope that helps in some way :) Thanks again for reaching out and best of luck in your endeavours.

Memory of God