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Is there any way to fix this error?

I do not know what the mistake is, but I will try to help.


The problem is as follows: expects you to upload the contents of your game to, but instead all it sees is

  • A single executable (Struggle Offensive Launcher.exe)
  • Which requires administrative privileges to run

I don't know what your Launcher does, presumably it's able to update the game

Here's what I recommend instead:

  • Use to upload the game
    • the instructions are easy to follow, promise!
  • Don't upload the launcher to, upload the actual game directly
  • Encourage users to use to play (from this thread, it seems many already do)

Using butler, you can upload up to 30GB, so size shouldn't be an issue. When uploading a new build, it'll only upload what's changed, so it'll be fast for you. Your players too will also be always up-to-date, since will download "patches" instead of redownloading the full game every release.

Finally, test it yourself using - it seems many players use it these days :) If you run into any issues, feel free to open a thread on this issue board, or to contact support directly (make sure to mention the word "butler")

Thank you for the suggestion. But we prefer to use our own launcher. Because we will continue with this launcher in the future.


Would it be possible to make your launcher work without asking for Administrator access?

It still won't be ideal, but at least it'll work for users this way!


Could you send a photo?