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Uhh, you spawn in the wall, still playing but I wanted to point that out.

Edit: It feels like you could easily made it a longer game, but good colors and nice walls.

About the wall i have know idea why it does that. yes i could make the game longer having only about 8 rooms but bitsy was staring to lag out and not working properly... (spawning in the wall) Any way i guess you could say it is in early development but not to be improved until bitsy gets improved.

Was it getting confused between if you were playing/testing the game or not? I've had that before and you just got to exit out and go back into bitsy again.

thanks for the suggestion... will consider it for next time.

I didn't get stuck in the wall when I played, but I wonder why it does that..

As for lag, what Operating System and Browser are you using? I'd like to try to load the game in bitsy and see why it's lagging - maybe I can fix it

i re-uploaded my game to fix the in the wall spawn. I am using a Chromebook (aka piece of junk) and using google chrome. thanks for your concern you do not need to check it out. but be assured that if it continues to be a problem then i will let you know.

when am i going to be able to view my rating on my entry in game jam and see how i did?