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It would be nice if we had the ability of setting some varables, have it so you can change it like the exits, set an tile that changes a varable when you go on it, and have it so you can tweak areas depending on the varables (example: having a key looking tile with a varable change when you go on that same tile, tweak the area so the key tile doesn't show up anymore and a new varable change is add right in front of a door without needing to make a copy of the areas and re adding sprites and exits.

Another tool that would be nice is connecting areas together, (example: set area 2 to be to the north of area 1, it would make exits along the south part of area 1 connecting to area 2 on the north and visa versa)

Last thing, it would be nice if you could see the tile under the avatar inseated of just the blank color of the back ground.

thanks for the feedback - those are great ideas! I'll add them to my backlog. in fact, I'm already working on some way to have variables.

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Those varables will open a lot of options!

Oh, and could you let us have the option to randomize varables?

This totally isn't a evil plan to make an rpg inside bitsy.

Another thing is being able to change what the avatar looks like between areas, I've been making some cutseen-ish stuff in my WIP games and I found that you have to have the avatar somewhere on the screen, not the biggist proplem.

yeah, switching avatars is definitely on my to-do list. randomization is a good idea too :)