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Well, that's odd...

I'd rather not distribute a hacked solution such as this, mainly because if there are updates in the future I don't want the solution to no longer work and to have to switch back and forth between methods. That's a major headache. But thanks for pointing out the source of the problem. Maybe some day I can aspire to have it working normally again.

Okay, I understand. I mean, you might be able to find a way to use code that finds the name of the exe automatically and removes that from any filepaths, OR alternatively you could try making the data files into python packages (just add a with only 'pass' in it and python will see the directory as a package) and include that in the exe file, but I'm not entirely sure how the package system works myself. For future reference, this is the command I used to compile

py -m py2exe.build_exe -c -b 2 -O -i pygame -i six -i sge -i xsge_gui -i xsge_physics

It tends to say there are a bunch of missing modules; there aren't, the game will work fine regardless, it's just a habit of the compiler and nothing to worry about.