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the mouse was really hard to use when looking around would stop mid turn and would have to turn the other way and just got really annoying loved it looks amazing and i was really token in with everything i guess only thing i would fix would be the looking around kinda glitched around that area loved it though

Thanks for the feedback! We'll definitely look at ways to make the mouse-only controls a bit easier to manage. Maybe using the left mouse for only movement and right for camera? We were trying to go for a one-button control scheme, but know it can be a little frustrating at times.

Well With This I Found It Hard To Move The Mouse And When I Wanted To Look One Way The Game Would Just Not Let Me Move That Way So I Would Have To Move All The Way To The Other Side And That Might Stop As Well But For The Idea And How You Did It I Did Like The Game Loved Even Just The Mouse Kinda Got To Me Over Time