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You don't need to edit it at all. As you can see, the code already has a "Sound" package. So in the macro, instead of the word Music put Sound instead.

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ahh, I see! I thought that may have adjusted the volume!

I have got it to talk, but I would like the code here to work only on the voice, not the music:



You can just call another job that adjusts the SAPI voice element. CScript refers to the VBScript so it's probably easier to save the SAPI  object OR the PID of the VBScript process.

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Can you give me an example of what you mean?

I mean, you can search this kind of thing up online. There's quite a bit of examples on Stack Overflow, and you can just piece them all together. If I just gave you the code, then you wouldn't be learning anything.

True true, Well thank you!!

btw, I am uloading the work in progress, so check it out if you want!