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When I booted up this game it was a blank grey window. I could hear music playing but couldn't do anything. Anybody have a fix?

Probably your video card does not support some tech. Which videocard do you have? Try to update video drivers.  If no change, then can you provide me log.txt and native.txt? These files can be found in bin or net.bin folder. I'll check this out.

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I have an 'Intel HD Graphics 5500'. Here's a copy of the log files.

I'll try to investigate, but your videocard has strange behavior.

Here is a little patch. You need to unzip it in game folder. There will appear Assets folder. It's must be in same folder, where is Assets.epk. I can't just update builds because currently game is in broken compatibility state. Sorry for that.

Thanks for the fix. The game is really cool so far.

I found the secret Glitch level! The game is pretty difficult, but I'm excited to play more Hermodr.