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Hey, I wanted to ask if you could help me with my own Batch Game. I am designing a game which uses multiple sub folders with batch files to create a Skyrim/ Roguelike styled batch adventure I named "Eternal Falls". IT even has Icon art I made!. 

To the Point:

O usually download Batch games when I think my game can get no better, surely... but then I downloaded yours....

Wow! I must ask you how on earth you got that game to play music! I am refering to the song Metamorphosis by Phillip Glass and the several other MP3 FIles. 

Normally if I like part of A batch script, I delete sections of a copied progrtam to keep the original pristine, and test to see if the certain feature still works, and I have managed to get "Kayleigh" by Marillion to play on your game. 

Dude, please... This Game is cool, and I want to ask if you could impart some of your knowledge to me on how you have done this!


P.s. I would have uploaded my Game, however I need to figure out a way for the game to run in any location or drive of a computer / Memory stick, rather in the core of the C:\ or D:\ Drive. 

Just for reference, I currently use a code:

  •  set drive=%cd:~0,3%

When I run the Batch Script from my USB (D:\), the variable %drive% would equal: D:\

Without changing the code, I run it copie onto my WIndows PC (C:\). The Variable %drive% now equals: C:\

Therefore to retrieve files:

  • cd "%drive%LifeA\Users"
  • call %name%.bat

The game can only be run if the path is :C:\LifeA\ or D:\LifeA