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Glad to see balance changes for stances are on your to-do list.

Huh, I guess you are right in terms of how items are working out. I guess I never took into consideration about the 5 item limit for balancing, but since items were almost always appearing after I got the adventure outfit, it never crossed my mind.

It's good to know that status effects will be more abundant.

Oh! That's basically what I meant when I talked about multiple monsters showing up at once. The way you did it with the worms was the general idea I was thinking about. Basically just add more enemies that show up in pairs/groups. I guess my wording was confusing. Sorry about that!

Actually, if you plan on holding off the more hardcore scenes for later on into the game, that's perfectly fine by me. Gives the players more of an incentive to finish the game, and makes it that much sweeter.

BTW: Love the detailed patch notes. Keep it up!