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Thanks, that means a lot. Few reasons for not being on patreon:

-The game is already pretty far into development and it probably wouldn’t be used for very long if I made one, people may also see it as sleazy to suddenly make one since everything up until now hasn’t been paywalled.

-I’m one person and can’t guarantee consistency in terms of releases, I’d have to use per update which isn’t much different than here. It’s just that people have the option to opt out on itch. You’re right that patreon would be better for feedback, since anyone contributing probably cares to do so, but again I’d expect a pretty huge backlash if I only released any further updates to people paying.

-I don’t have anything to offer in terms of rewards other than updates, which again I’ve been giving out as a pay what you want.

I’m not opposed to it but with how this game started as a small project that I didn’t expect to get this big, and with how I’ve handled development up to this point, I’ve backed myself into a corner considering patreon.

Fair enough, and I respect your stance but I don't really think you'd get much backlash. Most small team/one man games like this aren't even as good as your game and are making mad bucks on patreon. You don't need rewards per say and you have the option to have public updates VS paid ones so you could continue to give people info updates for free but anyone wanting a newer version of the game would have to pay maybe $5 or something, I don't think many people would mind personally but that's just me. I just don't think you're getting the credit you deserve for your work and because people have the option to get it for free, I don't see many people like me willing to pay when they don't have to. Maybe run a poll or something and see what the majority feel, if everyone says no, then there's your answer. Either way, keep up the good work.

Thank you, it's something I'll take into consideration.