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Ok, this one I'm keeping on my PC. I love how at the beggining you're just kind of mashing buttons like a Tekken begginer and as you level up you get so much more methodical, so much more calculated. It's incredible, really. I love the down-leveling descriptions - the wizzard's character is just an awesome cherry on top of it all. The boss's attacks are varied and well telegraphed, the audio design is the best one I've seen in this jam so far. It's awesome. It's just awesome. One note of criticism - the giant's toothpick - that weapon that uses a ton of stamina - is a very big jump in stamina cost - it was a pretty touch step-up, might want to tweak the numbers a bit there. Also the dash input was a bit strange at first - that you need to press D first, then move to dash - a bit hard to do in the heat of battle. I didn't really use the shield, as dashing away from danger seemed a lot more fun. I'm on lvl 37, with most points left in the dash and a few in the weapon. I should be able to get to lvl 0, but the game's much longer than I first expected.