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Good evening,

(#2) Scratch all the rotation crap, it's not needed.  If you leave it all the way it is, it will be fine with the exception of this bug:

It's listed in the last 1.9.2 report.  As mentioned, it fixes itself after a load and save.  It is always reproducible.  Anytime you load up your game, and start making new floors, the boards are the wrong way.  Until a save and load.

I could careless about the overall direction of my floor boards.  ;)

(#4) Right now, hunger doesn't go down at all when I sleep.  Would definitely increase that, I remember it doing it in a previous version.

Forget about the wakeup time.  Don't want to have to have too many things that are different in MP vrs SP.  With that said, I only see 2 pieces here with #4.

a. add hunger to sleeping
b. add gui clock, that would be so nice!!

(#5) I understand now.  To be honest, the method that I've been playing has been quite slow.  Meaning that I am only now, making into mid-game mechanics because of constant testing.

With that said, here is an idea off the top of my head.
Make a checklist in the gui, a kind of journal, a list of goals related to getting off the island.

 ☐ 4000 aluminum
 ☐ this blueprint
 ☐ that blueprint
 ☐ special motor part
 ☐ etc


Next update will have all of that except for #5, cause I really like the checklist / journal idea! 

Will defiantly add that in future updates.

Thanks very much, cheers!

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