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OK tried both 32 & 64 Win versions. The sympthoms are same: up to some point game runs perfectly (funny, this time no trait shuffle), but then SUDDENLY game saves for very long time and after that if I try to reload it lags till main menu screen (Windows even asks if I'd like to break process), then I load the game and it stucks for ever.

Log file: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448844229 

Seems it doesn't have any useful data again.. :(

Save files, for Win64:

This one is the backup I now make every several saves, this very save worked OK, but now stopped O.o: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448844473

This one is the last save: https://vk.com/doc305181610_448844510

Really dunno what happens, not a coding guy here :( 

Wow, looks like your save files are huge! 123,000 kB! I've never had one of mine go over 1,000! I think that's why it's not loading correctly. I'll have to do some culling for sure.

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That's quite strange cause it's the very start of the game. 1st dungeon, town squares and a dozen - not more - wilderness squares.. O.o

And freezes begin SUDDENLY: previous square it's OK and game saves / loades like breeze, next square it happens lol :)