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Thanks for reporting. I think you might be right that it has something to do with the GPU. 

Have you tried running the simulator at the lowest graphics quality setting? (It's in the main menu)

The factory and forest levels are the most demanding ones, perhaps the GPU is simply struggling to achieve high enough framerate.

Also, the factory is using more memory since it has baked lighting included.

Hey thanks for the reply. I have tried lowest setting and it didn't make a lot of difference. The iMac which is older and has slower gpu and gpu memory is doing fine rendering at higher resolution.  Could you be using GI on the LIght setup of the scene? There are couple of things that you could check such as GI(global illumination), camera rendering, update loop, or real light along with baked light. Run it through profiler and see where the gpu is hiccupping. Maybe there is something wrong with the shader? 

I am a total noob and sticking to the desert and rock level for now so no worries :)


Thanks, I will see if I can get that scene better optimized later on. Yes there is baked GI along with realtime light (for the quads shadow), that is what separates it from the other scenes.