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Wow, thank you so much.

The game really does need for you to use all the tools you have available, especially early on. I can see why not using defensive stance would cause trouble, but yes it is a little strong now and may get nerfed somewhat, at least it’s damage reduction.

Heal use to only be a 1 time use after every battle, right now there’s no real penalty for walking into traps but that will change so they will be more threatening.

It’s sounds like you were using the stances as they were intended. Lewd stance can be helpful against enemies that won’t give you LP and more of them will be put in the game, you’re not meant to stay in it, just get your LP and get out kind of thing.

Your thoughts on the skills are helpful, and yes the sticky debuff will only have an effect on physical based skills, so yell will still be useful. I agree that heat is way too strong at the moment, the LP cost will likely be increased so it will act as an emergency move more than anything.

She’s going to get 2 more outfits in the final game that appear later on, you’ll also be able to upgrade them.

I’m really glad you like it so much.

Oh, you're right about the lewd stance; I don't know how I forgot about the enemies that don't give LP. My memory is super bad, but I think there was a boss that gave little to no LP, which I -did- use the lewd stance for.

I really like the idea of being able to upgrade outfits! I love different option for clothes in games, but it's not too common because of the amount of work it takes.

Thanks for the quick reply, and good luck with the next version of the game! I'll be looking forward to it. ^-^