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Very unique experience, I loved how I was going in with a "aw yeah, fancy shooter!" impression and then the first in-game impression was "oh what yet another ren'py game?!" and then "oh wait what - it's ren'py but 3d?" and then slowly I figured it out.

I am extremely impressed by the part where fast sequence progression is happening. It's likely many would have let the player play the parts which you skipped, even make the player carry 'it' all the way and dig the entire hole. Making it a slideshow makes so much more sense.

Thank you for your nice comment, and thanks for LPing the game!

Yeah, the game is an FPS/Visual Novel hybrid I feel, and I think it came out pretty naturally. It's the sort of thing you come up with when you have 14 days to tell a story and you have no voice actors (or time to find some).

The backstory sequence was originally intended to be much more interactive, but after the two shootouts I opted to remove the interactive elements due to time constraints, and also to sync the flashbacks to the song.