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Alright! Whateverday today is!

  • Level one is about fairly completed!


  • Finish level one!
  • Do some stuff for the Hub!

Day after that!

  • Record and put in music!

After that I'll probably turn in what I have. Please give me your feedback when I do! The more the better! I plan on adding two more levels/worlds, a bit of narrative and a climbing mechanic/run and jump mechanic of some sort after the GameJam, and having a proper game, but I need it to be as good as I can get for a first proper game! Anything you think could be improved, Music, Controls, art, level design, game feel and what theylack/how they can be improved would be greatly appreciated!

I'm pretty excited to get even a messy nasty prototype out there because I think the feedback will be invaluable! I will also move my Devlog to my own page instead of the community forum for this jam, so follow me if you're interested or would be willing to offer advice!