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Whatever day it is

  • I've got a background up for the main level. For time constraints I'm just doing a linear platformer, but will expand afterwards.
  • Started creating some animations for when you reach the end of the level. Currently struggling with animations and scripts for them, though
  • Cut the boss fight because it was not fun content
  • Wrote music for several parts of the game. I just need to record myself performing it

To do

  • Sculpt the level(s)
  • Record the music
  • Figure out the animations for reaching the end of the level
  • Finish replacing the level select placeholders with proper in game assets

I've had to cut a bit just for time's sake, but I plan on making this into a bigger project. I just really like the name and feel and would like to turn it into a game I'm proud of.

I need to find a better color for the background so that it contrasts with the clouds, player character and maybe the UI more. But I can always edit the UI.
Ultimately, I'd like a parallax background, but I think that will remain out of reach for this project.

Feedback is appreciated if anyone has any ideas!