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Hello! I really enjoyed your demo. I look forward to seeing more! When I have some extra money, I want to back the game, but I also wanted to make you an offer. There were some issues with repeating dialogue lines, and once with a picture next to the dialogue box being doubled, as well as some grammar and spelling issues. I can fix the spelling and grammar errors for you if you like!  I've done it for a few other games and it can really help make a better impression. If not, that's okay! You can reach me by email at

I also plan to write about the demo in my gaming blog, so I hope that helps as well! Take care :)

Forgive me for the wait. I'm happy to entertain you! Thanks for pointing out the problems too. The repeating lines and random pictures appeared to be a memory problem with the engine itself. There is too little I can do with it, which is why I elected to move everything  from rpgmaker to unity for now... 

I'll be contacting you about the spelling and grammar errors, thou. I really need the help with them...

Oh, also, Thank you very much for the article! I've read it and you've done an excellent job! I almost cried when I found it on google. :D

I look forward to working with you then. :) Also, thank you, but don't cry! lol I hope that others will find your game interesting also. 

Unity is a great engine to use, so I wish you luck!