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Thank you! Yeah, I think I still need to create some backgrounds, but aside from that I might just have to make it a platformer for now due to time constraints and then after the jam flesh it out a bit!
I agree, after you get the scripts written everything else comes together a lot easier. Right now I've been stuck on music. Everything I write doesn't seem to fit the theme I'm going for. What did you end up doing for your music?

I actually used this jam to switch to FL Studios from the Renoise DAW. So I wrote the two songs I have done so far haha. But what I did was set up a pretty slow percussion track, added a natural sounding bass, then for the leads I used some samples from the Commodore 64 and I think that's what ended up helping lol. Since it sounds so chippy (since it is) it kind of helped the rest come together, or that's just nostalgia lol.