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Day 6

  • Got my menus in place! Main, Pause, Game over
  • Started working on a boss! Following a tutorial pretty closely on this one though, the other things were also a lot of how to's and what not, but I'm pretty nervous about implementing a boss at all for my first game. 

To do


  • Add sound to Menu
  • Polish animation sounds, jump, damage taken, death
  • Change level select button from the same button as jump to 'e'
  • Create and replace placeholder assets with real ones in 
    1. Level Select "doors"
    2. Checkpoints
    3. Backgrounds
    4. Coins -> something more theme-fitting
    5. Spikes
    6. Game Over image, theme fitting
    7. Main menu, something theme fitting
    8. If time allows, some clutter to add character to the world
  • Replace testing level with main overworld level
  • Music that isn't awful
  • Right now the 'continue game' option on the Main Menu only takes you to the world hub and whatever worlds you've unlocked are the worlds you can get to. But if you didn't finish a world and exited the game it only brings you to the start of that world again and is not a true save/continue feature, do I need really it? If I do, fix it.

Would likes

  • Add a PC Blink affect when taking damage in addition to the knockback already in place
  • Boss
  • Checkpoints => Savepoints that remember amount of 'coins' collected
  • 'coins' respawn made to suit the feel of the game, right now it just feels a bit weird
  • Turn in coins system, that unlocks something maybe? Not currently essential, but something I'd like to experiment with.


I really thought about implementing a DkS like system with the checkpoints.  Finding a way to make them save points that heal and respawn enemies upon use, but you can also save there and turn in coins (certain number of which would unlock something. Level? ) I definitely wont be able to get that set up within the frame of the gamjam, but I thought about tinkering with it as a learning experience afterwards. Another thing to mull over, but right now I think it's a bit beyond me. I'd rather finish this game, make it looks good and smooth it out as best I can get it and get feedback from peers. One day I might even have a game with items! and Puzzles!

I also thought about instead of having a consecutive level 1, level 2, level 3, making the Hub where you start, an intro level that shows you mechanics and guides you to the doors where the levels are. Each door would be themed to the level they lead too and all would be unlocked, leaving the PC to choose what order to pursue them in with perhaps some mysterious monologue from the only NPC in the game.

Another idea I had added to this and that have one big scene/room/level and the PC start at the Hub, again shown around the mechanics/controls/feel of the world and the NPC would just say (paraphrasing here)"Yo, you can go this way, this way, or that way. You'll need to go all ways at some point to get all the stuff, but uh, yeah. Order's on you" and then the player would be off. Adding to the sense of exploration and adventure. This is the ideal situation. Again, not within the confines of the gamejam, but I really dig this idea, and think I could do it without tooooo much difficulty. But what do I know. 

In summary 

Get the to do list done and a solid prototype/demo level ready  for the gamejam!  Then explore my ideas further. But don't go to far or I'll keep chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole that is "But what if I just did this..."

The goal is to complete my first original game!

The dream is that people will want to play it!