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Good job on the game, although it is pretty easy to play though, it has its cutness when playing though.

Here are something what may (or not) be good to put in:

- A Difficulty setting (to those who think its too easy or too hard).

- Exp system, take away the exp and life a kill as it does make the game way too easy (and to not make it to hard, the one above will fix). The power up when you get 90% is way too over powered as well, this might just be because in my run through i found a lot of power apples and tons of health.

- The LP is a good touch to the game but having it the too low or too high will mess your attacks up is annoyiong, try having MP or stamina for your abuilities, these can have debuffs like, charge rate decreases or make stamina down when your LP is too high.

- The save sytem is a good idea although i do agree with some of the comments (before tye whole thread thing) saying that the save sytem is bad so try having two types of save systems, add checkpoints or quicksaves will help players get through the map easier. the quicksaves can be a one off return point while the checkpoints are not. Keep the save points though (adding a cut scene might be interesting to test out).

- The game is missing story, not sure what this can be but having info on what the creatures you fight are or what everything in your abuilty list and inventory really does, might help.

- And last but not least Cutscenes, these are maybe something you might want to test before releasing them into your game but having them in the game to show that you walked through a door, meet a boss or even opening creates  will help make the game better (in my opinion).

Well thats all i have, keep up the good work and thank you.

p.s: have more cute customs XD


Hey again,

-I’m currently playing around with difficulty settings, though I’d prefer one set experience. They may or may not make it into the game.

-XP system won’t change, but I will be changing the +1HP from every enemy, once you’re much stronger than a monster it will no longer give you HP, so it should be more balanced.

-Managing LP is a main part of the game, it’s not something you should be forgetting about. I think a third resource will be confusing to most.

-There’s a save point on almost every floor, for a dungeon crawler this one is actually very forgiving when it comes to saving. In my current version there’s an easy mode that allows for saving anywhere, but like I said I’m not sure if difficulty modes will stay in the game

-I’ll try to add some flavour text for story and such, but since this is a one person project some stuff is going to have to sacrificed, I’m not a very good story teller either.

-There will be 5 costumes in total.

Thanks for the feedback!

And Thank you for the reply XD