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Day 5

Just when I start getting to develop levels I have somehow contracted bugs!

When my player falls, it subtracts 2 lives instead of one.

My death particle effects are gone, can't figure out what I did to get them how they were! It's the most disappointing thing. I had it looking super rad.

I've spent all day trying to figure these things out and it's just been the most frustrating thing. I might just have to settle for a lesser death particle effect and give the player one life with more check points in between. Pretty bummed.

  • fixed death particles
  • now a transition scene/screen between levels
  • points/score now carries over between levels
  • Added an overworld hub thing

Things to fix!

  • second level doesn't have the transition screen for whatever reason. 
  • death by falling still results in -2 lives, but only sometimes. Perhaps a work around is needed if I can't find the cause.
  • figure out why my death sound doesn't trigger of falling deaths
  • change level select confirmation from sharing the 'jump' button to the 'e' button

It's slowly coming together! I'm super stoked, the further I go the more I see I need to polish, but I'm learning a lot. I'm hoping by this weekend to have menus, fixed the problems. Then I'll add some much needed art and sound assets. Backgrounds! Doors in the main hub! Music! By the end of this GameJam I hope to have a solid little prototype to flesh out into it's own game!

Expect new screenshots and gifs this weekend!(Do people read these updates anyway?)