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I'm so sorry this doesn't get more views; pretty amazing! Deserves more recognition.

It runs smoothly and nicely on my laptop (xps 15 - 960M).

It's amazing and overwhelming to go through those shapes and caves. It kinda gave me the same feeling as NMS (which is a compliment, I think NMS was really cool - minus the survival stuff). I wish there were more varied shapes, because it does get boring after a while.

If I am the target audience, and if you'd like to expand on the concept, I wouldn't add gameplay at all, but focus on having more shapes, colors, and maybe being able to shrink/grow. Maybe add moving parts, or maybe mix different types of fractales (such as chunky ones that look like cities). The more time/money budget I'd get, the more I'd add weird things, procedurally generated insects and life, trees. But I can't think of good gameplay to add to this (maybe I just haven't thought of this enough).

Very interesting game, thanks a lot for putting this out.

Hi Xananax, thank you very much for posting. Glad you liked my stuff. I’m constantly looking for new shapes and formulas. You can see some of those experiments in my twitter:
As for gameplay, there could be exploration, stations docking and traiding, search for interesting stuff, search for routes, maybe some combat, maybe some limited digging. I’m sure, I can’t disappoint you with gameplay, because you liked NMS, ha-ha.

But there are some technical challenges I have to solve before I’ll be able to do do gameplay.