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So I've just finished playing the entire series up until this point, and while I wouldn't personally consider them "good", they are certainly interesting. The fact that I was engaged enough to keep playing must mean you were doing something right.
Complaints are mostly minor; things such as punctual errors, pacing and level design quirks that don't harm the experience too much. Larger issues, mainly do with the finer details of the writing are present, however, and do take me out of it sometimes.

like the central conflict. I get that this world is full of human-like animals, that some are predators (wolves, foxes, bears) and some are prey (rabbits, mice and cats, apparently), and how the predators eat the prey which causes them to hate each other's guts... but hang on a second!

When have we ever seen a predator kill and eat another character? Not to my knowledge they haven't. Treat is perfectly happy living off of pot noodles and curry, Moxie claims to like the taste of rabbit to scare people but has never actually eaten one, Trick flat out says she's a vegetarian, and everyone else sustains themselves on magic meat bought from witches. Sure, characters talk about it endlessly, they build walls and lock their doors more than once, but as far as I know, this whole thing's a sham. Some crazy rumour spread initially as a joke, only people were dumb enough to fall for it.

Does this world have the internet? All joking aside, this is so distracting!

As the series (at time of writing) isn't finished, this may be addressed at some point. You could also argue that as a series of mostly family-friendly slice-of-life stories with almost no violence (save a single, optional punch) it may catch people off guard, but you don't have to show it directly. The whole conspiracy aspect may also be, in fact, something you intended. In which case I just... ahh I don't know. Show don't tell, do don't show, I guess. I never figured I'd get so worked up over something like this, so let's go back to the positive.

Humans. Trick mentions she had a human master, and instantly my ears prick up. I start to pay attention and all sorts of intriguing questions spring to mind.

If there are humans around, where are they? Where'd they go? How come the animals all have towns and villages and yet there's not a single human settlement to be found? Can the humans see the animals the same way we see them, if at all? On and on and on.

I've always liked the idea of a fantasy world where humans, not orcs or elves, are the minority. The ancient ones spoken about in hushed tones in bars and around campfires. If I were to do a game in this series, it'd be one where you play from their perspective.

The art was sweet, one or two jokes made me smile, and I liked the bit in Clever Fox Moxie where you had to search the lodge for various knick-knacks to put on a show.

Though I must apologise, I never expected to write an essay on this (I have a habit of doing that), so I bid you good night and good luck. If not at the very least to allow other users some room. 

Keep up the good work!