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Day 3

It's currently 12:45am. I'm having a lot of fun butI don't know if I'm moving at a good pace or not, but here's what I was able to accomplish today. 

  • Can now destroy enemies. Play bounces a little bit when he jumps on them.
  • Figured out for loops to reset certain objects.
  • When you run into an enemy play now gets a small knockback and is invincible for the duration. (Would like to add a flashing effect and invincibility instead, but haven't figure that out yet)
  • Implemented a lives system (don't know if I want to use it yet, but there were lot's of tutorials for them so I just did it).
  • added items that restore health, add lives.
  • Added sound effects for jumping, hitting/being hit, a few pickup items.
  • Added game over screen

I think what I really want to do is to use checkpoint as saving points. You pick up the items, you reach a checkpoint and save so if you die, you don't need to go back to pick them up again. There'd be a fixed number of items you need to get and turn in. I also thought instead of turning in at a central hub, maybe just turn them in at the save points. But the checkpoints/savepoints would be far enough away to cause tension on your journey between them, but not so far as to make the game frustrating.  Then I'd get rid of the lives system. If you die, you drop your items, return to your last check/save point and then work your way to recover them. The only problem with this is what to do if a player dies and they haven't recovered these items that have a limited number within the game? Recollecting seems too harsh. Letting them keep them when they die seems too forgiving. 

Just an idea I'm throwing around, I don't know that I'll be able to implement it during the game jam. 

if anyone has any ideas, feel free to shoot 'em off!