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Not a real level, just a testing environment while I get my scripts up and running!

Right now the tree is acting as a place holder for my checkpoint. It changes to a different tree place holder once reached.

When I grab the pink item my counter goes up. The enemy patrols that platform without falling off, which is nice. Enemies also do damage.

Can kill the enemy, spikes do damage, death plays particle effect and resets counter, enemies, and items. All of which took a lot longer to program than I would have liked. I couldn't figure out how to get a screen shot of the particle effect and death, but this is it after respawning.

These are almost all of the basics of my game! I'm not sure why the gif is so jerky. The game plays much smoother than this.

Next things to implement

  • Right now checkpoints are just new respawn points. They need to remember what items I've picked up so my counter doesn't automatically reset on death. That way I don't have to go back over the same ground to pick up the same items. 
  • Create a way to turn in the points
  • Create a menu and ideally a save feature.
  • I still haven't implemented a double jump, but I feel like the other features are more central to the feel of the game i'm trying to create.

After all that is done I'll work on a few well designed levels for people to play around with! Backgrounds, etc. all of the fancy stuff. I would almost argue that I have enough here to call it my MVP. A very Minimal Viable Product, though. But it's my first game that's not a clone and the further I get into it, the more excited I become.