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Love it!!!!! I have lots of feedback for you (spoilers for those who haven't played):

  • your logo animation is really sick
  • would help if "toggle headbob" showed whether it's on or off
  • would help if brightness were a slider (discrete or continuous)  rather than a button
  • AWWWWWW girls loving girls!!!
  • i expected to drown in the blue surface but i can just walk on it. upon closer inspection it looks like it's just shallow water.
  • however, i like that falling is the only way to take damage in this game, so i wouldn't add water for the player to drown in
  • often it seems like i don't plant ropevine where i expect - sometimes i can't even see where i planted it at all
  • Elaine is a fucking sweetheart
  • having not watched the trailer before playing, i still immediately felt like i should go down not up, so props for that
  • are the floating cubes supposed to do anything other than look pretty?
  • i'd like better feedback when trying to push the cubes - i can't always tell if i actually pushed a cube
  • might have been my ears playing tricks on me, but it seemed like the harvesting sound effect had a variation while the static noise was playing - that was really cool
  • at first i didn't find myself planting much, just harvesting, but that changed as i went further down
  • maybe give a border to the white text? right now it blends in with the notes and sometimes the specular highlights
  • the robots joke was pure gold

Overall the environment had me extremely immersed. Would love to see more was for you to play around with it and make it alive even more. The notes were extremely cute :3


Thank you for all of your feedback!!! And thank you for playing ^_^