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Hi Drac, Two different things happening here. Since you've already paid, the 'buy now' button should technically read as 'update now' (if you aren't on 2.4 already) Try clicking on it, and click on the 'i've already paid for this' option.... you should always be able to access the newest build, even if the price goes up in the future/if it moves to other platforms like steam.

I dunno if it'll help with the other problem though.

I'm sorry to leave you hanging on that support issue. Sounds like a tracking issue, I think the problem should still happen outside of my mapper / if you just are in oculus home with the guardian off. There are issues with firmware v23 that have made tracking worse, but the quest should still be really flexible in a huge variety of environments, so i'm not exactly sure what the problem might be.  'minimalist' design (no details on walls, no objects in rooms, system looks for visual contrast points to establish tracking, and jumps around if it can't find enough info) mirrors, low lighting, intense bright lighting, these can all create new problems.

I would love to see a picture of the space you are trying to track. there are a few other tests we can do to establish where/why tracking issues might be happening. Can you email at 

Thanks for the 'bump