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Very well done, I am honestly surprised at the detailed mechanics and 'feel' of it.

My only 'complaint' was that it felt a bit easy, each encounter from the second 'area' and onwards were solvable within two turns, exception bosses. At the end of the current build (v4) I have

  • 43 Strength
  • 52 Defence
  • 43 Lewdness
  • 19593 XP unspent

Possibly due to having 'High' encounters and running around until I'd mapped each area 100%.

Not saying it's bad, just letting you know that with 'high' encounter rate, the game quickly becomes very easy.

Suggestion: Rename the topic of this thread to 'General Feedback' instead of 'Switch to discussion board' and pin it, so it's obvious where to go post General Feedback.


The difficulty is a work in progress, many people find it either too easy or too hard so I’m trying stuff out in order to address it. Do you mind if I ask what your total playtime was (just a guess is fine, I know there’s no in game timer)?

Good idea on the topic name.

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I think it took me 3½ hours to play through everything. Not sure, logs can lie, and I spent a fair bit of time running around trying to intentionally loose to all the different enemies, just to see who had defeat-scenes done and how.

Was surprised to see so many 'cute' scenes. Was expecting only/mainly porn. Definitely approve of that.
(Example, the 'calm' enemy in the ice area, or the naga, out of the top of my head.)

It's a good idea to try low the drop rate from dullaham with the stregth fruit ,the octopus with  lewd paper and the ice girl with the defese leaf,with the ability to increase the drop and the second clothe you easily cam get those stats too high that you kill amoust every enemy one hit except bosses end take a damage smaller than the recovery ability heals you and the lust ability recovery so many LP the you can heal your self any time you need in 3 hours i was able to reach 50 in each status .

But the game is too good so far keep with the good work