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An interesting concept, but much too challenging. In addition, moving the buildings from planet to planet doesn't seem to be very effective. Some buildings grant more % than when you take them, but it's easier to sit in one spot and just move those buildings up and down; however, this makes you and other buildings vulnerable. I found an easier strategy was to shoot the ships and meteors and just ignore the buildings, since the ships and meteors can permanently destroy the buildings. Keep trying, though :D

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Thanks for the feedback, I definitely agree! The ships and meteors were supposed to be a supplemental boost to the world-building aspect, but you are right, at the moment its easier than moving buildings.  In an update, I think certain worlds will have  a focus on a certain building that you move to the other planets for a bigger boost. At the moment, if you bring a building that a world doesn't already have, it's double points. But compared too shooting enemies, it's not substantial enough of a difference, nor super intuitive- I'll improve that as well.

No worries. I'm sure your next build will be leagues better :)