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Hey "Vorador",

Thanks for the kind words! That means a lot for me, really :)

Honestly I've been trying to think of a way to release these dynamic ambient plugins outside of Unity but I didn't come to a solution for it yet. If you have some suggestions please send me a message at 

My main concern is create something that makes sense and can be used outside of Unity, but as I'm not a programmer its a bit hard for me to imagine something like that. 

Hello again from me,
My question actually was stupid from the beginning but I realized it just now. You are right. This would mean that you will have to program this for other game engines and this is ton of work to program on different platforms.

Best Regards and with respect for the great work!

That's fine! Thanks for the kind words. If you are interested, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We are always making promos and giveaways.