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Thanks for the review! Yeah, the front-end design is questionable, especially since I deleted a bunch of the social media links, but when I started working on this remake  (over ten years ago!) I wanted to reuse the arcade/attraction design (instead of the old Windows version). If you're not familiar with the original arcade game, I posted the old promo video here I'm glad you noted the platform support! The background for this version of the game is I worked for Hyper Entertainment for a few months on the original back in 2001 (took over for the original  lead programmer) and then in 2008 Unity added iPhone support, so I licensed the original assets from Hyper (they were really cool about it) to remake it in Unity. I figured the swiping control would be a nice emulation of the original bowling ball controller and then I could support every Unity platform! (one of my regrets is I never got a Wii U version working).

I think you did a really cool job with the game :)