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I understand. Tell me please:

- Did you played all my game? until last scene?

- Maybe I can try replace music with copyright free music. Is there any guarantee from you to me: 

1. You will 100% making video ?

2. Whole game, not a part ? 

3. Approximate views count on your channel ?

Replacing music is very complex work for me: morally and physically.

What do you think ?

Hi! I haven't played all the way through yet.  The game crashed about 40 minutes in.  I died in the area with the woman who has a big hoop through her nose and it got stuck on the loading screen. 

1. Sure, I'll definitely make a video.

2. Will play the whole game (as long as there's not any offensive material in the part that I haven't played yet)

3. It's hard to say how many views it will get. I'd say the average is about 30k, but it can be anything from 10k to a million.  You can see the channel here:

I understand that swapping out the music is a big task, so I understand if you can't do it. It's a cool game. Great work! :)

Hi! Thank you very much!

This is science cartoon.  Game-cartoon based on book by Nicholas Roerich - world famous artist and philosopher of 20 century. There is no any offensive material. It's impossible.

please e-mail me something to:

for stay in touch. Not here.

Hello ?

Hi! No worries. If you do end up changing out the licensed music then feel free to reach out and I'll get a video up. You can contact me here, on Twitter @gameralphabeta or via email admin(at)alphabetagamer(dot)com

Keep up the great work! :)

Yes, I preparing copyright free version for you... 1-2 days.

I will e-mail and reply here.

Awesome! Thank you very much. Looking forward to checking it out. :)

Hello! I sent message via e-mail. Check it please. Waiting for your reply.