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Ayo I gotchu, so here is what you need to do and the choices you need to make(I’m using the default name):

1. Touch her ass

2.I’ll get Haley

3.touch her again

4.don’t pull down her panties

5.joke about it

6. Give her the game box 

7.I liked it

8.ask Haley and zoe about their day

9.Choose yes

10. Check on Zoe

11. Don’t pull down her top

12. Don’t knock

13.invite her( this choice unlocks future action to masturbate Haley or Haley and zoe)

14.Offer them help

15. Check up on Haley or zoe

16.(for zoe) nothing to forgive 

17.(your choice) touch her tits or ass

18.( for both of them) choose the both choice

19.check what they are doing

20. Tell them to go to bed 

21. Show me your boobs

22. Check up on them

And after your done checking Jessica’s computer and belly’s phone, when you check up on them again and they ask you to put lotion, will give you the ability to put lotion on them, you will have unlocked the choice to put lotion on them, so do what you want during that. I hope this helps .

thanks for the help. Appreciate it

no problem

There is a Ashley route too, not entirely sure I remember steps to get it. But it lets her join in on the massage thing, then lets you masturbate Ashley after and consistently after