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No offence but why can't people just skip stuff that offends/creeps them out. Instead of trying to curb everything to their preferences. Let the game developers make what they want to make and how they want to make it. If it's really that creepy for you then you also have the option of not playing at all and looking for a different game.  I think it's fine as is and definitely not bad enough  to force the developer to redo work. I would much rather see them spending their time on new content.

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It was kinda intended to be a light-hearted jab lol but I would say the majority of people are starting to not be offended by "taboos". Taboos originated as a means to control people and conform them into one way of thinking. Nowadays there is generally more tolerance for different beliefs/life choices etc. Leaving reality aside though games are fictional and no actual harm is being done to anyone unless the player chooses to watch/play something that they know offends them.