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This game was a lot of fun, can't wait to play it again when its been updated :)


I'm generally someone who doesn't like clickbate, but I should point out one thing at least he wrote the name of the game in the title!

I've seen some big tubers that don't give the full title of Indie games in their titles, that's something I really don't like because I understand how hard it is to get noticed for a lot of developers.

Not putting the game's actual name in video titles is like hiding views away from the actual content that's bringing views to your videos!

So for that reason, I'm really happy with the videos that people have been making of my games... It really helps! The clickbait is fine because the more views they get, the more publicity I get :)

As long as he's giving a somewhat accurate description of what the video is I don't see a problem...

If you wanna see real clickbait, go look at Pewdipie's channel... He is the king of clickbait! (not hating, I used to watch his videos, I would still but he's gotten a bit boring)