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I love this game! I ended up doing a playthrough for it on my channel, including how to set it up when you first download it. I'll post it below.

The game is smooth and I didn't see any gamebreaking glitches and there is quite a bit of diversity between enemies. I'm honestly really surprised only one person made this. You did a really good job Regday_NULL.

The game has a ton of potential and I can't wait to see where it goes! (One last edit: I found a minor wall boundary glitch on my third playthrough video, it's not gamebreaking but it's the only glitch I really found)

I don't have a lot of subscribers right now because I only started a week ago, but as future updates come out I'll do more gameplay videos!


Thanks, man. No Hermodr it's not russian word. It's scandinavian. Anglicized as Hermod. Hermodr the Brave, Son of Odin, yada yada yada.