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No stranger to pre-alpha or alpha staged games. Im down to support IF its going to be finished and feature complete and from the looks of the game, it seems its headed in that direction. Ill be picking it up this weekend sometime. Preciate the info and your time!

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Hi there
Sounds awesome that you want to support us. I'm not sure where you got the information about a "Demo".  There was never a demo, only an Alpha 1.0 release to the Alpha tier backers (which was at a much higher price point during the Kickstarter as it included many other things as well as the supportive funding to actually develop the game)

We're absolutely committed to finishing the game with the feedback and help from our growing community. We will move to Steam Early Access once we feel confident that its ready for that larger (more skeptical) market (at which point the price will likely move higher again). Our existing customers will get their steam keys of course (once we figure that out). 

Feel free to follow us and wait till the Steam release if you're still not sure, but of course we would appreciate your support now which will help fund the development and will give you the opportunity to give us feedback and help us grow the game and the community behind it.

Have a great weekend! :D