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1) Which version did you play? Windows, Linux, or Mac? And did you run into any bugs or glitches?

i played the windows version and the only bug i ran into  (unless this isnt one lol) is one i accidentally pressed  save at the top and this weird screen came up and i had to log out of the game but it didnt happen again so idk 

2) What was your overall impression of the demo? Did you enjoy it? Did it keep your interest? 

i did enjoy it actually. i thought it was some cute summer romance with some lil mystery about a murder or something and then she's kidnapped and im like !?!?!? and when Leon tells the mc about reliving summer i was like omg what bc i didnt read the summary above to surprise me for the actual plot (also leon is fave character rn lmao he seems like he's gonna be crazy best boy) 

3) What did you think of the animated backgrounds (i.e. the heat wave effect)? Did it add anything to the experience? Currently, there is an option in "settings" to turn the heat wave backgrounds on and off. 

it was eh for me. i kept it on the first time playing it but then turned it off the second time so it doesnt really bother me if it's there or not 

4) How was my overall writing? Did it flow well? Was there any moment that you felt the dialogue was awkward or stilted? 

i liked the convo between mc and nico bc it's cute and theyre just play arguing which i like. the only thing i thought was like eh was when mc calls them bastards but thats prolly bc i never here people use that word lmao so it's prolly just me. 

5) Was there anything that you didn't like about the game or that you want to be changed? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? This question is especially important because I'm still at the stage where tweaking and changing things around is relatively easy. 

im not super sure yet but i think i'll play a few more times through the game to see if there's anything i would add but for right now i'd say when you press skip make it go faster. the pace rn isnt horrible and it personally isnt bad for me but my sister pointed it out to me when she played it so it might bother other people

6) What was your favorite aspect/part of the demo?

the art is really cute?? i like the whole thing where they walk and stuff. also the shadows for non important characters is nice. usually theyre just not there at all so  i liked that they were. also um leon is gonna be my fave i can feel it (which is weird bc i usually like the more emo lookin ones like ryan lmao) and oflsdjnjl when i read ameriya was doing the cgs i nearly??? passed out??? bc they're one of my fave artists on deviantart?? and the bgs are super pretty. i also love the mc's sprite a lot. the plot is probably the second best thing bc WOW!! the whole 'mc is the reason behind them repeating their summers' was super cool and ive never seen any plot like that. (only heard a song with the same premise) and when mc gets those weird glitchy flashbacks and how it looks like she's dying gives me a bad feeling on WHY theyre repeating summer. lots of questions and no answers until the full release which im super duper excited for. keep up the amazing work and good luck <333 

Hi dulcet! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. It gave me newfound encouragement!

1) Sorry, I have a mac, and I don't see the "save" button you're referring to. I'm glad it didn't happen again, though!

2) Haha, I'm happy that the game managed to throw some surprises at you (and your reactions are hilarious). And one vote for Leon, woot! Although this first part of the story focused more on Rin and Nicolas, the next part will focus more on Leon and Ryan. Hope you look forward to it!

3) I plan on tweaking the heat wave effect to make it more appealing. If not, I hope the option is turn it off is enough!

4) I tried my best to make the banter between Nicolas and Rin as entertaining as possible, so I'm delighted to know that you liked it. As for the MC's choice of words, I was debating between "bastards" and "jerks." Do you think "jerks" would be more fitting? I fail at throwing insults lol.

5) I agree that the skipping is slow, especially with the heat wave effect on. I do plan to have a "jump ahead" feature in the full game!

6) Reading this put a huge smile on my face! Thank you so much for the kind words. Ameriya is one of my favorite DA artists too, so I was ecstatic when she agreed to draw my CGs for me. You might have noticed already, but the banner image at the top of this page was done by her! It also made me extremely happy to know that you like the plot. I think I know what song you're talking about, and it may or may not have had an influence on me as I was writing this story, haha. Hope you stay tuned for the extended demo!

4) "assholes" is what i personally thought but if you're not cursing in the game then jerks works fine! 

6) i think it was called heat-haze days, the song i mean. but yesss im so weak to cute art and your style is exactly that