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I did, even if it was a bit too short to get a good impression, imo. 

1) Which version did you play? Windows, Linux, or Mac? And did you run into any bugs or glitches?

I played the Windows version. The only bug I noticed is that the clock didn't change when I switched to 24 hour format, and the heat effects didn't disappear immediately. 

2) What was your overall impression of the demo? Did you enjoy it? Did it keep your interest? 

I liked it. I didn't read anything about the game beforehand and was led to believe to believe that I was playing a coming of age game by the tone in the beginning. Needless to say that the twist at the end completely surprised me and made me want to read further. :) 

3) What did you think of the animated backgrounds (i.e. the heat wave effect)? Did it add anything to the experience? Currently, there is an option in "settings" to turn the heat wave backgrounds on and off. 

They're not a bad idea but I personally couldn't enjoy the effects since they slowed down the game and my laptop considerably. Even after turning them off in the settings they didn't disappear until the next scene. 

4) How was my overall writing? Did it flow well? Was there any moment that you felt the dialogue was awkward or stilted? 

I think the dialogue was fine. The only part I found strange is how the heroine wants to follow Leon with a weak justification. It was mentioned that he was muttering to himself the whole time, but only after the heroine had been tailing him for a while. Something like that should be said at the beginning.

5) Was there anything that you didn't like about the game or that you want to be changed? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? This question is especially important because I'm still at the stage where tweaking and changing things around is relatively easy. 

Please don't refer to Ryan as "blackhead" ^^; I don't know if that was intentional, but I can't help but associate him with pimples and skin problems otherwise.  I also urge you to improve the skipping feature. As it stands, it's painfully slow and if it's like this in the final game, I won't be playing through FD more than once. 

6) What was your favorite aspect/part of the demo?

I love the art, both the sprites and the backgrounds. There are so many different scenes in such a short demo. The music is very fitting too! There wasn't a single track I disliked, or which didn't match the mood.  The heroine has me intrigued as well. She seems different from the usual otome game heroines, which is something I'm always down for. 

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the demo questions, Shona! It was extremely helpful.

1) In regards to the clock formatting, a surprise coding error managed to sneak in. Sorry about that, and thanks for pointing it out! I managed to fix the bug, so it should work properly in my next demo update. As for the heat wave effect, the way the system is coded doesn't allow for the heat wave to turn off immediately. So unfortunately, turning off the heat wave effect for all future scenes seems to be the best I can do.

2) Your initial assumption is not wrong; the game is a coming of age story in some sense. Only with thriller elements thrown into the mix. I'm overjoyed to hear that the story managed to intrigue you!

3) I agree that the heat wave effect needs improvement. Hopefully, I can tweak it so that it's not as laggy, but if not, I hope the option to turn it off suffices.

4) I'm pretty sure the MC made note of how strange Leon seemed as soon as she saw him (if you choose to go alone): "There was an unfocused, dead look in his eyes that hadn't been there before, and he looked like he was muttering to himself." If the MC is with Nicolas, she also points it out to Nicolas before they start tailing Leon. I will go through these scenes again to make sure. However, I do agree that the justification behind her following Leon is a little weak. I will try to come up with a stronger reason for her to tail him. But I also think this seemingly whimsical decision does highlight her character as a thrill-seeker, almost to the point of desperation.

5) Sorry to say this, but it was very intentional. I'll be the first to admit that my humor (and definitely the MC's, as is her character) can be juvenile at times, haha. However, she refers to him by that for only a short amount of time, so I hope you can overlook it if you don't find it at all funny. Thanks for your input of the skipping feature. I agree that the skipping is slow, especially with the heat wave effect on. I do plan to have a "jump ahead" feature in the full game to mitigate this issue!

6) Thank you for the immense encouragement, especially about the heroine! I was somewhat nervous about how she would be received, so I'm very relieved to have positive reception so far :) I hope you look forward to seeing more in the extended demo!

I'm fine with it if it was intentional, but it doesn't come off that way (imo). It may help to have the main character smirk briefly at the image it conjures, or something along the lines.

 Another thing I forgot to mention, the font makes it hard to read the text. 

> I hope you look forward to seeing more in the extended demo! 

I definitely am. :)