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leukemia is blood cancer.

OK that's fair enough but that should have been stated from the start so as none medical mined people reading  would be thinking like i did what the hell " error " and then delete and unfollow at the drop of a hat witch would mean lost readers and even lost people that would want to pay for it !!!

HA,HA, now come on! You can not wiggle out of this with a comment like, "so as none medical mined people reading would be thinking.....", NO. Any medical minded people playing, should already know that Leukemia is a blood cancer. So, you should laugh this off and learn a new thing. At least your comment is not as stupid as the one claiming the developer hates men,lol. Have a great day.


THANK YOU !!! that's makes me feel so much better that's it's not just me and I think that proves my point about that things like that need to be consistent throughout the whole of the story


You must get annoyed after all the work and then get that stupid  I hope to see more innocent seduction and corruption of young and old. I'm all in and hope you get a ton of support to develop this great story.