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Thanks for the feedback! I would like to add some SFX / music capabilities to Bitsy.

I was thinking of something like stuey suggests with a built-in piano. The other option would just be uploading arbitrary sound files. I'm not sure what is better, but it's something I definitely want to do. Would love to hear any more ideas you have! :)


I feel like being able to upload your own audio is a bit too open. Bitsy is great because of it's limitations, and if SFX / music features were added I feel like they should reflect that ethos. A small sequencer, one channel, 2 octaves, 3 or 4 preset "instruments", would be enough for music. 5 or so pre-made sound effects that cover some basic actions like something being opened would cover the SFX front.

makes sense to me!


Yeah. It would be fitting if  user could write a music loop in a simple editor, and associate it with a room in a similar fashion as palettes.