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I really like the aesthetic, and I know you've gotten shit for it but I'm a big fan of the buildings becoming transparent. The environment gives me almost a spooky midwest Children of the Corn ghost town vibe. Combat was alright, I don't know if clicking to lock on does much for you, and unless the mouse is necessary for other reasons I'd probably prefer a "lock onto nearest" key and keep both hands on the keyboard. Also, I really didn't like that bullets homed in on you perfectly and went through buildings. A little homing is alright, but it felt unfair and like the only way to beat large crowds of ranged enemies was to die a lot. Then again I didn't find the frostblade until I went around again, and I'm not sure if that's just me missing it or it not showing up until the second playthrough. Probably would have made things easier. Cool game, when this has nice sound it's gonna be something especially cool