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The art style seems to be pixelart in the intro cut-scene, but changes to digital art and that looks kinda weird. Also, with the color choices, it's hard to distinguish interactable objects from un-interactable ones. This might be my personal opinion but the player doesn't look like a hero, but its attack projectile definitely need to look more visible. Same goes for the enemy projectiles. The enemy designs are perfect, no complains. Just the level's artwork needs some improvement.

Thank you! I'm still learning how to do art, haha. Learning how to use GIMP and developing a style I am comfortable with. 

Yes! Anthony was telling me about the color choices I was going for and reminded me about which items are interactable and I spaced it. So thank you so much for pointing that out.

Haha, yes, the main character not looking like a hero was a personal choice. They are a vicious little summabitch. Something like a Kirby/Langolier cross.

I'm hoping if this gets enough eyes on it that I can go through and do an overhaul on it. I'm going in currently and fixing the projectiles to improve visibility and interactable objects to help progress through the game. 

I truly appreciate your time for playing and helping me out with critiques! I want to keep going and get better. :)