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Just tested Update 0.5 and I can't get the Axonometric Generator working on Mac... Am I doing something wrong? See this: https://vimeo.com/164714527/60becc6c11

Is OS X download link wrong, it unpacks 'kenneyStudio_003.app'? Edit: the app menu shows 'v0.5 (Mac)' so it seems to be correct.

Cheers, PJ

Thanks for sharing that! Indeed seems to be quite a bug, I'll start looking into it today and (hopefully) release a hotfix either today, monday or tuesday.

Version 0.51 is now available, this fixed the axonometric generator on OSX :)

Thanks for the lightning fast reply + fix! ;-)

Works perfectly now, thanks again!

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@Kenney , You mean 0.5.1 ?

Software wouldn't allow me to add another . or a letter, so it's 0.51